Board of Directors

Marc Tomlinson

Marc is President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amputee Coalition of Canada, registered Canadian charity and is proud to lead this national organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canada’s amputee population. Through Marc’s leadership, the ACC delivers a range of proven programs and services that allow those with limb loss to improve their daily lives through training, support, education, new skills development and national research awards.
Marc is the “Grandfather of e-commerce” at NATO, designing and implementing the first electronic solution for the Alliance. His progressive design dramatically increased the efficiency of the procurement staff of NATO’s largest Agency and is still in operation today. Marc is also responsible for changing outdated procurement laws in five nations and creating new business models dramatically reducing both acquisition cost and lead-time.

Charles Bélanger


Charles works for the Quebec Government as Director General of the government air service. In addition to being an active father of two, he is a pilot and enjoys ice canoeing.

Camille Poulin

Freedom Through Sport Coordinator

Camille brings 25 years of healthcare and consulting experience to her volunteer work. Her extensive clinical background is complemented with her experience as a manager and consultant. Camille is passionate about community health and community wellness. She is interested in working with organizations to ensure that individuals who have encountered health difficulties receive the local and expert assistance required to lead full and active lives. In addition, Camille’s experience with finances, health informatics, quality programs, information systems and policy development support ACC’s strategic planning and sustainability. Camille maintains several professional certifications and has completed a number of published and grey literature research and review projects.

Natalie Fish

Past President

Natalie Fish worked as a physiotherapist, manager and coordinator of quality and risk management during her 35 year career at the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay de Montreal. She has been involved with the rehabilitation of amputees for over 25 years and was a founding member of the Association Québecoise des Intervenants auprès des Personnes Amputées (AQIPA) in 1995. Natalie brought the Amputee Coalition of America’s Peer Visitor Program to Canada in 2005, followed by the PALS program in 2010, and was a founding member of the Amputee Coalition of Canada in 2008.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy and a Masters of Science degree in administration specialising in organisational management and development.

Carole Tardif

Vice President

Carole Tardif has a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy and has been involved with the rehabilitation of persons with limb loss for over 15 years. She is presently clinical coordinator of the Amputation and Severe Orthopaedic Injuries Program at the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal. She is on the Board of the Association québécoise des intervenants auprès des personnes amputées (AQIPA). She has been involved in the implementation of the Peer Visitor Program across Canada since 2006, and was a co-founder of the Amputee Coalition of Canada in 2008.

Paul Franklin

Fund Raising

Master Corporal Paul Franklin joined the Canadian military in 1999 and was posted to 1 Field Ambulance in Edmonton, Alberta as a company Emergency Medical Technician. Trained in Basic Traumatic Life Support, Advanced First Aid, and Stress Intervention De-briefer, Paul used his skills and experience to organize the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses and Advanced Combat Related First Aid .

During his second tour to Afghanistan June 05 to Jan 06, a suicide bomber attacked the convoy Paul was traveling in. Upon return to Canada, after much deliberation Paul’s right leg was amputated, a life saving decision that made him a double above the knee amputee.

In rehabilitation Paul was thriving and thus began his journey down a new path in life, helping other amputees. Paul co-founded the Northern Alberta Amputee Program (NAAP) and the Franklin Foundation.”with the mandate to improve the life and care of all amputees.”

Paul became the first military Peer Visitor in Canada in 2006 and has since supported the implementation of the Peer Visitor Program across Canada.