Planning a trip with air travel

Are you planning a trip that involves air travel?

As we all know, airport security is becoming more and more vigilant, and can be difficult, for those who must travel. How does this affect persons with special needs such as those needing mobility and walking aids, artificial limbs and service animals?

Following consultation with the Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC) and other partners, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has recently launched their new web-site: 

CATSA’s new Web site is designed to help take the guess work out of preparing for air travel. Armed with information, travellers are more likely to understand the importance of proactively preparing for airport security screening and how preparation can contribute to a faster and more efficient screening experience. Included on their website is a section specifically dedicated to persons with special needs. There is a comprehensive listing of possible medical and mobility devices that may be required by an individual travelling, as well as some specifications on procedures for travellers going through security checkpoints with these devices.  It is also explained that travellers may be accompanied, and how to arrange this if necessary. Clarification on an individual’s rights to ask to be screened in a private area, amongst other helpful information is provided.

The ACC would like to thank CATSA for being so receptive to the needs of persons with mobility limitations.

Happy journeys!