The Amputee Coalition of Canada currently offers two proven and copyrighted programs at no charge to Canadians who have suffered limb loss. The Peer Visitor ® Program and the Promoting Amputee Life Skills ® (PALS) Program are proven and validated programs licensed from the Amputee Coalition of America. The Limb Loss Research and Statistics Program of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health states that approximately 185,000 persons each year undergo the amputation of limb in the United States. Due to the large number of amputations that occur each year in the United States, the Amputee Coalition of America has been very successful in sponsoring, creating, offering and statistically validating the programs it offers to its members. The number of Canadians who under go amputation each year is significantly smaller and yet they face the same struggles and challenges as those south of the border. Until the Amputee Coalition of Canada was created, no other Canadian organization offered similar programs designed to support the needs of persons affected by limb loss, specifically designed to improve their quality of life through a focus on learning, self-management and active community participation.

The three (3) activities that the Amputee Coalition of Canada will focus on are:

  1. Peer Visitor ® Program (on-going);
  2. Promoting Amputee Life Skills ® (PALS) Program (on-going);
  3. “Freedom through Sport” Program (new to the ACC)