Amputee Coalition of Canada

Those Affected by
Limb Loss

Our Vision

The Amputee Coalition of Canada seeks to be the collaborative leader in Canada, connecting our communities and resources in service and support of those living with limb loss and limb differences across the nation.


Our Mission

To empower our Canadian limb loss community through connection, resources, education, and peer support.

Support Programs


Peer Visitor

The Peer Visitor ® Program is designed to assist persons facing amputation or with limb loss help in their quest to resume productive and healthy lives.


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About The Amputee Coalition of Canada

The ACC provides subsequent support for individuals as rehabilitation focuses only on delivering immediate essential education in learning to live with limb loss. In addition, through peer support programs and the promotion of regional support groups, the ACC enables amputees to gain skills and coping techniques that increase confidence and a sense of belonging in their community.